Detachable Missiles for Planes 1.0.5


A mod which adds universally compatible "break- away" missiles for planes

With the vanilla game, wing- mounted missiles on aircraft are permanently fixed and do not break away when the weapons are fired. With this script, the missiles physically break away from the wing, making for a more realistic effect.

Full credit for the original idea goes to user @FoxtrotDelta. It was he that inspired me to make this mod.

ScriptHookV -
ScriptHookVDotNet -

  • Install the latest version of .NET script hook from
  • Create a folder called "scripts" in the main folder where GTA is installed (if not already there)
  • Place AdaptiveMissiles.dll and AdaptiveMissiles.ini inside the folder

Other Info
Please note: While the script is designed to work universally with all vehicles, it really becomes up to the people working on the models to configure things the right way. More details as to what the "right way" is can be found in the readme file (it is essentially the same as with the vanilla lazer).

No extra configuration is required after installing. Just use a vehicle that is known to be compatible with the script. Some other options may be configured in the ini file, such as whether to use a key to reload the missiles or whether to play a sound when reloading.

  • Fixes incompatibility with the latest build of the game
  • Fixed problem where some planes didn't register as compatible
  • Fixed problem where missile would not work if the player teleported to the vehicle while sitting in another vehicle
  • Fixed problem that caused the script to stop working when the player model was changed
  • Fixed a problem where the missile model was sometimes visible under the vehicle

  • Full universal compatibility for vehicles with one OR two mounted missile weapons. See config file option 'UsePrimaryWeapon'.
  • Fixed bug causing missiles would reappear in the wrong location after being fired.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

  • Support game patches >= 1.0.1180.2
  • Changed the reload sound
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