Save or Sell your Vehicles 4.4

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This mod lets you to save vehicle anywhere you like.Whats the difference from other alike mods? This mod supports the latest game version,also it saves windows status, engine health, paint fadeout, dirt level, tire bursts, headlights status (if them are on/off or broken), door lock/unlock status , if any door,hood or trunk is broken it will be broken untill you fix it e.t.c...Also it save mileage of personal vehicle that you can always check.

All your saved vehicles will be loaded automaticly for character that you're playing with if they exist in SavedVehicles.xml file;
To open vehicle control menu just call Vehicle Control contact. Once menu is active, follow the instruction buttons on your screen.
Once you've marked your saved vehicle as "vehicle for sale" it will take 1 game day or 2 before any buyers will show up. So be patiant and wait. You will see notification once the buyer will show up.

-Save any vehicle for each character;
-Save windows status (If them are broken or not);
-Save dirt level status;
-Save paint fadeout status;
-Save all car mods;
-Save tire burst status;
-Save doors,trunk and boot status(if they are broken-off or not / Open or Close);
-Save vehicle door lock status (compatible with any other vehicle lock mods);
-Save engine/vehicle health status;
-Save vehicle stolen status;
-Save fuel level;
-Save vehicle health status;
-Save vehicle alarm status;
-Save vehicle petrol tank status(Health);
-Save mileage data;
-Phone finger slide animation;
-Auto-update or manual update vehicle status;
-Lock/unlock sound effects;
-Sell vehicles;
-Save weapons and outfit;
-Push car;
-Save steering;
-Wash car;
-Repair car;
-Refuel car;

How to install

Drop all folders and files in Script folder to your ../gta5/Scripts/ (Just like all the other Scripthookvdotnet2 .dll scripts).

Imporatnt information
Since 3.0 version this mods supports only Scripthookvdotnet 3.0 version and highter, GTA 1.50 version or higher, Framework 4.8.
Make sure you've deleted my SaveUsedVehicles mod and any previous version of SaveMyCar/SaveVehicle mods and replace ifruit2.dll and naudio dll from this arhive.


GTA V 1.50 or higher
.NET Framework 4.5.8
Visual C++ 2015
ScriptHookV Latest
ScriptHookVDotNet 3.0 or higher
Naudio.dll (Included in arhive)
IfruitAddont2 (Included in arhive)
NativeUI (Included in arhive)



Attention Totally Remove "SaveMyCar" 2.5 and less verions of files from your script folder!
-Totally reworked script system(UI, optimization, functionality);
-Added possibility to save any vehicle number you like for each character;
-Added ifruitaddon2 support;


-Vehicle engine status load issue fixed;
-Vehicle door lock status load issue fixed;
-Saved vehicles auto/manual update function fixed;
-Added more vehicle information in "info" function;


-Add-on car test


-Rewritten script code for ScriptHookVDotNet 3;
-Fixed saving data issues;
-Improved optimization;


-Added Add-on cars support;
-Added function to sell your car if its belong to you (Joined with my "SellUsedVehicles" mod);
-Improved selling process in some ways;
-Improved control system (Now you will have only 1 phone contact for selling/saving functions);
-Fixed critical script errors;


Disable vehicle push and repair functions in my VehicleCollisionSystem mod and delete my Trunk mod if you will use this one

-Added car/bikes repair function;
-Added wash/bikes car function;
-Added car push function;
-Added possibility to steer while pushing car forward;
-Added stash weapons and outfits in trunk function;
-Steering save function;


-Fixed critical error that crashed script for some users;


-Fixed wheels rotation bug;
-Fixed windows tint save issue;
-Added soundFX for refilling vehicles petrol tank;


-Added x64 pc version in arhive;


-Added fast menu access button for keyboards (F4 buy default, can be changed in SaveVehicle.ini file);


-Fixed and Improved selling car function (Requieres to replace SavedVehicles.xml file)
-Improved hight and low vehicle type detection for repair animation;


-Improved vehicle aproach function (Character will go to vehicle parts for actions instead of teleporting with fading out screen)
-Improved characters position in push mode;
-Fixed some bugs with car sell functions;

Replace all files

-Fixed pushing animations and positions;
-Fixed vehicle spawn function;
-Code optimization;


Replace SaveVehicle.ini

-Changed controls;
-Added change control options in SaveVehicle.ini file;


Replace SaveVehicle.ini

-Added deformation save function;
-Saving process optimized;
-Added fast lock/unlock button with car key and animations (more interactive. press "Talk to random ped" button 3 times to draw a key);
-Added fast action "punic mode" to trigger the vehicle alarm;
-Added AddonPeds support;
-Added fast push vehicle function (need to look at vehicle and stay near hood,trunk or driver side front door)
-Added enveff saving;
-Fixed vehicle autospawn function;


-Improved deformation load coords;
-Fixed issue with eternal vehicle spawn;
-Added addon vehicles support;
-Enabled "auto save vehicle on exit" function by default (can be turned off in SaveVehicle.ini file);


IMPORTANT: Add new SaveVehicles.ini file in SaveVehicles folder

- Renamed .ini file to SaveVehicles (that was the reason why custom settings wasnt applying);
- Improved refilling vehicle position;
- Improved vehicle save on exit function (it will work now event if your character was teleported out of vehicle buy some mission script);


- Improved pushing positions detection;
- Added text info on screen for fast vehicle control function;
- Blocked some control buttons while performing actions including phone toggle (push/wash/refill/repair);
- Added pushing vehicle limit (now you can push only vehicles that mass is below 5000kg. The mass data is written in standart handle.meta file);
- Fixed saving issue for non-owned vehicles;


- Added vehicle extras and default wheels saving function;
- Improved vehicle load function (shouldn't double vehicles on the missions no more);


-Added vehicle plate style saving function;
-Added notification for vehicle delivery;


-Improved vehicle mods saving function;
-Improved vehicle color saving function;
-Added tires smoke color saving;
-Added neon lights color saving;
-Added turbo saving;
-Big improvements in vehicle care functions (optimization,improved action positions,added status text);


-Added xenon lights color saving;
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