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NOTE: Some pedestrians, including players, do not have some speech files like saying hello, what's up, etc. so please don't say that's a bug, it's all dependent on the player model you are as and the pedestrian you are talking to, but for the most part it should work.

Place InitialResponseDialogueMenu.dll and InitialResponseDialogueMenu.ini into your "scripts" folder with Script Hook V and .NET Script Hook in your root folder.

F9 - Open Menu
I - Player initially speaks.
O - Pedestrian initially speaks.

The controls can be edited via the .ini file. Navigating the menu is like using the Interaction Menu, use the arrow keys, enter key, and backspace key.

With this mod, you can set an initial and response dialogue and make the player and nearby pedestrian talk to each other or vice versa. You can make funny conversations such as the player insulting the pedestrian and the pedestrian saying a shocked dialogue line, and much more to come via updates.

This mod is like my "Ped Conversation" and "Ambiance" conversation wise but this has more customization.

It is based and inspired from this list (Extracted with OpenIV):

- Initial Release.

mlgthatsme - NativePI Menu Base
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