Creepy Stalker 1.3.2

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Who's that who keeps following me?

This mod adds a ped to the game that will stalk you, wherever you go.

The mod is stable, but i'd like some more ideas for this mod.
What kind of stalking creeps you out?

How to install?
Within the download you get a file named
Drop that file into the Scripts directory and it is ready to go.

Question: My stalker doesn't spawn, why is this?
Answer: As of version 1.1 the stalker has a minimum wait of 5 minutes before it is allowed to spawn, and a maximum of 10 minutes (real time).
If you or the stalker dies this will repeat.

-Fixed incorrect version shown ingame.
-Fixed incorrect upload.
-Fixed a crash that would occour if a folder was missing.
-Fixed the stalker not spawning for new users.
-Made it possible to change the vehicle model via settings file.
-Added more vehicles for the stalker to use.
-Fixed a bug where if you weren't looking at the stalker he couldn't attack.
-Added settings file, will be generated on first run.
-Added possible logging, disabled by default- can be used to help me find issues.

-Changed spawning rules.
-Fixed small bugs.
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