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Susie Lavoie from Dead By Daylight ported to GTA 5 by me
It retains the original weight painting from DBD as I've renamed all the weights, so the model's movements are as loyal as possible to the original game.

- Fully rigged hands/moving fingers
- 4K High Quality Diffuse Textures & Normal Maps from DBD
- The mask can be optionally removed with Menyoo or any trainer to play with maskless Susie (doesn't have facial animations in the original game, so she doesn't in GTA 5 either)
- 2 Texture Variations for each body part (feature introduced in V1.2)

Known Issues
- Due to GTA 5 skeleton limitations, her hair might sometimes slightly clip through her hoodie.

Note: Some screenshots of this mod no longer represent the current immaculate state of the mod, as fixes have been made along the way (hair fixes, normal maps fixes and so on). I'll update the screenshots some day if I feel like it. All you need to know is that the model looks even better in-game than it does in the current screenshots. <3

Installation Instructions:
- You can install this skin as an addon ped (you can find tutorials on how to install addon peds with a 2 seconds google search) or replace an existing ped, both work.
To replace an existing ped, go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf\ and rename the files from my mod to the desired target model that you wish to replace, then click the green "+" icon and add in the files from my folder. Otherwise, just... install it as an addon ped. <3

You might also want:
- Susie's "Lethal Kitten" Outfit
- Frank Morrison

Wanna commission your own model?
- Contact me on Discord @speedystar to commission a model! <3

- Replaced dummy normal maps with the original normals from Dead By Daylight
- Fixed missing specs and normals for hair
- Fixed wrong specular map for the hands

- Added alternative optional textures for Susie's entire model, including new textures for the mask, torso, legs and hair. Those are the textures from the "Extracurricular" outfit (blue haired Susie). Shoutout to HeySlickThatsMe for teaching me how to embed the alpha channel texture into the diffuse to fix an issue with the hair transparency

- Reduced the mod's size by half by embedding Susie's alternative textures into her main .ytd. You can now swap to her alternative textures using Menyoo or any trainer

- Fixed an issue with Susie's blue hair appearing shorter than they should. They are now the correct lenght (different than shown in the screenshots). Thanks to Brynna Da Rosa for helping me fix this bug

- Fixed wrong normal map for the torso, it somehow was still using a dummy normal map instaed of the DBD one.

- Fixed vertex colors. Model's lighting is now optimal (she now looks great during rainy or foggy weathers too)

- Correct normal maps were applied to Susie's torso and mask from the "Extracurrical" outfit. This required me to make a 001 drawable variant of the torso and mask since despite being a simple diffuse recolor, they use different normal maps than the standard outfit. 001 textures don't appear different in OpenIV due to material assignments, but they show correctly in-game!

- Fixed a minor .ymt issue that could cause Susie to spawn with bugged hands textures (one day I'll stop finding and fixing imperfections within my mod, can you believe that? I DON'T :3)
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