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Amanda Young AKA "The Pig" skin from Dead By Daylight ported to GTA 5 by me
It retains the original weight painting from the game as I've renamed all the weights, so the model's movements are as loyal as possible to the original.

- Fully Rigged Hands/Moving Fingers
- 4K High Quality Diffuse Textures & Normal Maps from DBD

Known Issues
- As the model from Dead By Daylight natively doesn't have any face animations, she also doesn't have any in GTA V.
- Minor clipping issue in her legs when walking, this is because the model wasn't made to work on a GTA 5 skeleton. As all the weight painting is retained from DBD, this is as good as it possibly gets.

Planned Features/Fixes
- Manually add eye animations to The Pig's head model

Installation Instructions:
Go to Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf\ and rename the ped to the one you want to replace, then click the green "+" icon and add in the files from my mod. Otherwise, just install it as an addon ped.

You might also want:
- Susie Lavoie
- Susie's "Lethal Kitten" Outfit
- Frank Morrison
- Cheryl Mason (Dead By Daylight model)

Wanna commission your own model?
- Contact me on Discord @speedystar to commission a model! <3

- Fixed a backface culling issue with The Pig's robe causing the lower half of it to be invisible behind her legs.
- Fixed a minor .ymt issue that could cause The Pig's hands and shirt to spawn in with glitched textures.
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