Varrio Rancho 13 (Vagos Retexture) [FINAL]


Reuploaded due to my incompetence in uploading the wrong rar -_- should be fine soon : Retextured MexThug, see the new pics. Here's the downside tho: I changed MexThug's face & hand textures so their skintones may not match with the models. But anyway, hope you all enjoy this.

Since I think I went a little overboard on my last version when I retextured Vagos, I redid it and took my time. I replaced some of the models with Marabunte's models because imo they look more gangster than the Vagos but I edited it with that West flavor and you know what i'm talking about if you've downloaded my other mods. Anyway, I hope you all have fun roaming around the streets of LS with these eses. Installation paths are in the rar as usual. And if you're new, make sure you check out my other mods B).
Bugs: Since I was able to get rid of the ponytail on the model, they sometimes spawn as a white ponytail if you're a few feet away from a Vago but as you get closer, it will go away.
And btw, if you're the type to complain about tattoos and what not just don't download it because it's not for you. ;)
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