Varrio Los Aztecas 13 (Retexture) 2.0


THIS USES OPENIV'S PACKAGE INSTALLER SO IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO INSTALL THESE THEN HERE'S HOW: In OpenIV there's a section named "tools" on the toolbar. Click on "Package Installer" under "tools" and then open the .OIV file I put in the .rar.
A follow up to my previous Aztecas mod I put out a year ago which turns them into Surenos. They've been done for a while but I just decided to make some finishing touches to it and every time I did that I thought I could do something better to it which caused a delay. Anyway, they're finally being released. This time I placed them in an OpenIV Package file which is a lot easier than having people install manually. To see what they look like, check out my screenshots.
Things to know: I took their hats from another model in the game so when you mess around with whatever hat you choose in a trainer, some numbers may not work.
If you don't want to use the package installer you can just unpack it with whatever you use for your .rar files.
If you want to use any other realistic gang mods to make your experience more realistic then I recommend these other gang mods I've made: This file is actually Familes to Crips & Ballas to Bloods
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