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UPDATE: Use the content.xml file contained within my "Michael Jeans Fixes" mod. It's up to date, and should prevent any crashing issues.

Gives Michael a fully black suit and tie. The shirt and tie are both taken from Franklin, with edited textures by me, along with a texture edit of Michael's slate sports coat so it matches up with his normal slate suit jacket.

The shirt replaces Michael's unused police patches, while the tie replaces his scarf used in the prologue cutscene (during the funeral). Use a trainer to access them. They're meant to be used with his sports coats, so wear one, and use the trainer to remove the shirt overlay.

I've included a white shirt variation, though be aware that it will make clipping much more obvious.

Known issues:

1) The collar is oversized, a side-effect of the fact that Franklin has a bigger frame than Michael, so his clothing is larger in general. Could probably be fixed by someone with 3D modelling skills, but that person isn't me.

2) There's clipping with the front of the shirt and the collar, again because the shirt is meant to be used by Franklin.

3) The shirt texture is pretty ugly, mainly because it's originally low-res to begin with. Making it darker makes the clipping less obvious (when worn with a black suit), but also exposes the colour issue that most textures in this game seem to have.

Installation Instructions:

Within update.rpf, recreate this folder structure: x64\patch\models\cdimages\streamedpeds_players.rpf\Player_zero

Place the provided YDD & YTD files within the Player_zero folder.
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