Metalhead Tracey 1.5


Version 1.5 includes a few minor updates to her makeup, bikini and hair. Her makeup looks a bit better now and I've also included an optional face texture with no makeup in case you don't like it. On the bikini I cleaned up the polka dot pattern a lot and got rid of the little hints of red that were still showing between dots. Also changed the color of the flower in her hair to purple.

They say most chicks that dress this way typically have baggage and or daddy issues and I think it's safe to say Tracy has those angles covered.
If the shoe fits wear it, right?

This mod changes many of Tracy's textures from a bright and girly style to more of a goth/emo/death metal style. The original concept was to make her look plain emo but I just couldn't bring myself to work with some of those band names lol
In this mod heavy music themed changes were made to the textures of her clothes, her hair color and most of the contents of her room. In her room I changed her entire matching furniture set from white to black and swapped out the wallpaper and curtains for darker themed versions of the same patterns.
As for the framed posters and pictures on her wall, I tried to encompass a fairly broad range of heavy metal styles and bands, you may or may not like or even recognize them all. There are four flower pictures in her room that I can't change without seeing them duplicated throughout the house.

A few interesting features include a neat little red jewel in the middle of her locket, a choice of a black and grey skirt or a black and purple skirt with striped socks, several metal band themed articles of clothing and a matching Jack Skellington shirt and sweatband. Cause you know chicks love Jack Skellington stuff.

Installation instructions are included in the readme.
[Note: I'm still a noob with textures so forgive me if some items are not top quality.]

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