Drakos Ultimate Pack 1.0


Following the closure of my Patreon page, I've made the choice to make the majority of my content available to everyone at no cost, letting the culture enjoy it.

Introducing the "Ultimate Pack," a treasure trove brimming with an abundance of top-tier, high-quality creations.

In this description, you won't find any installation instructions, as they are now conveniently included within the downloadable .zip files.

The pack consists of content released over approximately a two-year period, which means there will be many files that could potentially overwrite each other. This also applies to the other packs. To use this pack, you'll need a game that's been kept up to date, at least including The Contract, which was released about two years ago. Most of the files will be placed in that folder, along with The Casino Heist content from what I remember. You may need to locate different destinations for other files. It's important to note that you're not expected to have every piece of content in your game; I don't even have all of my content in my game.

I'd like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported me on Patreon throughout the years, as well as those who simply derived enjoyment from my screenshots and content. Your support has been invaluable.


"Brormand, du var der selv
Inde i habez hvor vi solgte ting til hele cellen
Ikke sig det fucking sjældent, når kriminelle ikke laver andet end at stable
Den her formular
Stabler skejser inde i køkkenet ligesom det' magisk
Jeg giver dem dagligvarer
Så jeg har ikke tid til de små göts som er flabet"
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