Batman:The Arkham Collection W/Cloth For Julio's Batman Script (Addon-Peds). 2.1


Mod description:
hey everyone! im here with another upload!!!! ever since i started ped making and fuumasage can back me up I've been wanting to have ALL the batman Arkham suits with cloth! i took my time because i had that small hope we will get a batman script...... AND BOOM the master of scripts himself JulioNIB has MADE IT!!!! i was in the skys! when i heard of it and ive been supporting julio ever since until now!!! i LOVE THAT SCRIPT its more then i ever thought we will get, and i just can express how happy im to have alongside it all the Arkham suits. the Arkham games are legendary!!!! and i just love ALL OF THEM.
That's why I'm happy to be the first to share all of them with you in the best quality I could have made them THEY EVEN HAVE FACE RIG!!!!!.

Bugs and features:
zero bugs thanks to the fuumasage WE DONT HAVE BUGS ANYMORE!!!!(unless I missed something while fixing it :3).

Summary of installation instructions:
download and install addon-Peds-

follow the instructions and videos from there, and do the same thing for any ped you want to install.

for the batman abilities, i recommend getting it on julio's Patreon so you will have everything unlocked! right here-

if you cant afford it you can grab the free one here-

Credits and, if applicable, notices of permission for content re-use:
huge credit to The Darth Knight for being THE best friend i could ask for, you have no idea how many stuff i can do now thanks to him so thank you :)

and of course to the guy who made it all possible the fuumasage! for teaching me the way! without him NON OF THAT would be here. and i would never meet Darth and a lot others i met throw the years of ped making, so thank you fuuma for everything! :).

you guys are probably wondering why i haven't uploaded much that's because even my FREE uploads are now on my Patreon page so make sure to visit it from time to time for whenever i drop free stuff there, of course, im also gonna drop them here because i LOVE this website but because i don't have auto-approval, i drop them there first. so make sure to visit here from time to time-

2.1- update added an extra cape option for Arkham origins there is a readme that explains whats the differences, basically it makes the cape flow less cooler in the wind but it won't go over the body at all especially in rockstar editor if you use EVE like me(you can also lower the blur to 0 or 1 to get better cape movement in rockstar editor).

note- the original cape settings doesn't go over the body it may only sometimes do but it fixes itself after a second so the choice is yours i recommend having the original unless your making a video.
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