Riverside County Based BCSO Skins 1.10


Blaine County, the heart of San Andreas. Maybe not quite a heart but a cirrhosis riddled liver, Fitting considering the county has a higher rate of Alcoholism than anywhere else in the country! And who else would be more fitting to patrol the harsh streets of Sandy Shores and Paleto bay than the Blaine County Sheriff's office! With questionable purchases made by the department and even more questionable 7 digit paychecks for the Sheriff they need all the money they can get! What better way to make money than to nickel and dime all the communities for "special policing" in fancy painted cars just for them.

With this pack not only do you get liveries for the Blaine County Sheriff's Office but also Contract skins for the of Sandy and Grapeseed, each with 2 different versions so you can finally decide if you like the look of Coachella or La Quinta better! Or you could just say screw it and use only the rusted old skin included for the Stanier to finally have another car to add to the scrapyard!

--Included with this pack--

--Riverside Sheriff Based skins for BCSO: 31 total
- 6 stanier
- 2 bison
- 4 fugitive
- 4 alamo
- 4 landroamer
- 4 scout 1st gen
- 4 scout 2nd gen
- 2 brute Supperssor
- Maverick
- 2 brute Centurion

-- La Quinta based Skins for Sandy: 5 total
- 2 stanier
- 2 scout 1st gen
- 1 landroamer

-- Coachella based Skins for Sandy: 4 total
- 2 stanier
- 2 scout 1st gen

-- Norco based Skins for Grapeseed: 4 total
- 2 stanier
- 2 scout 1st gen

-- San Jacinto based Skins for Grapeseed: 4 total
- 2 stanier
- 2 scout 1st gen


Diperro- Creating The original logo used for the Sheriff logo

SAS994- Creating the BCSO pack utilized for most of the vehicles in the pack

GeantPoire7906- Assembling the second generation Scout used in this mod

tkdwnsehtk- Assembling the brute Suppressor used in this mod

Yard1- Creating the mapped Maverick used in this mod

Jacobmaate: creating the brute Centurion

Rockstar Games - original vehicle and police equipment models and textures.

This mod was buit to work with:


Q: Can you add Skins for (Insert your favorite car here)
A: If you can find a picture of an RSD patrol vehicle of that type

Q: Can you add (random contract city in Riverside County) for (any area in blaine county)
A: You got 5 different livery designs are you not happy with that

Q: No.
A: Tough luck.

Q: Can you help me install
A: No I'm tired.

Q: Can I Edit/modify this liveries in any way
A: Yeah go nuts just credit me if you wanna redistribute your stuff

Update 1.1: Added 2 skins for Jacobmaate's Brute Centurion
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