NJ Transit - Genesis P40DC Reskin! [Overhauled Trains] 1.7

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I'm back with another NJ Transit reskin! This time it's of the Genesis P40DC Locomotive from Walter's Overhauled Trains!

Quick reminder that I do not own Overhauled Trains in any way possible.

This is a reskin I have made in a weekend and touched it up yesterday and releasing it now.

The original author is Walter,

Original Model comes from:

This mod repaints the first livery of the Genesis from the Overhauled Trains mod by Walter.

It's remaking a NJ Transit Genesis P40DC.


There are some artistic screw-ups but I may fix it later.

Open OpenIV
Go to mods\update\dlcpacks\overhauledtrains\dlc.rpf\x64\vehicles.rpf and replace streak42.ytd with the file in the .rar

A little backstory on the P40DC
The P40DC (GENESIS Series I) or Dash 8-40BP (originally known as the AMD-103 or Amtrak Monocoque Diesel - 103MPH) is the first model in the Genesis series, built in 1993. The locomotive operates in a diesel-electric configuration that uses DC to power the traction motors, producing 4,000 horsepower (2,980 kW) output at 1047 rpm. Power output to the traction motors is 3,550 hp (2,650 kW) when running in HEP mode (900 rpm) with a 0 kW HEP load. Traction horsepower in HEP mode decreases to a bare minimum of 2,525 horsepower (1,880 kW) when providing the maximum 800 kW (1,100 hp) HEP load to the train. The P40DC is geared for a maximum speed of 103 miles per hour (166 km/h). The P40DC was succeeded in 1996 by the P42DC. Both the P40DC and P42DC allowed Amtrak to operate heavy long-distance trains with fewer locomotives compared to the older EMD F40PH locomotives two P40DCs could do the same work as three F40PHs. Additional deliveries of the P42DC ended up replacing the P40DCs. Three units were wrecked (819 in the 1993 Big Bayou Canot train wreck and 807 and 829 in the 1999 Bourbonnais, Illinois, train crash) and scrapped. Eight were leased and later sold to the Connecticut DOT for Shore Line East in 2005, and four were rebuilt and sold to New Jersey Transit in 2007 (and classified as P40BH) these units were sold again to the Connecticut DOT in 2015. The remaining 29 units were placed out-of-service for many years. 15 of these units have been rebuilt using 2009 ARRA stimulus funds and returned to service, now in the Phase V livery, except for 822, which is painted in Phase III Heritage livery for Amtrak's 40th Anniversary. The units that were not rebuilt remain in storage or have since been disposed.
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