British Registration Plates (Premium Edition) [OIV] 0.8 [WIP]

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Adds various British styled registration plates, this mod includes yellow GB identifier plate, pre-1973 black plate, yellow non-identifier plate, white GB identifier plate, white UK identifier plate, official UK registration plate characters and normal maps for all plates and font.

There also now exists all white and all yellow versions of this mod, just go through my profile to find those and my other mods that you may also be interested in.

White Edition:

Yellow Edition:

Did this as an alternative to the other British registration plate mods out there as they are all missing things that could make them feel like proper complete, legitimate British mods, I've tried to go for the most convincing look that I can with the limits that are present within the game.

Big thanks to Zomby991 for testing the mod out and providing the screenshots (the plates look no good on my PC at medium settings, heh.)

Comes as an easily installed .OIV file, if you use a mod manager then you can just rename the .oiv to a .zip archive and install vehshare.ytd into "mods\x64e.rpf\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf"

- Game still uses default license plate font colours, will change these when I figure out where the game stores this data.
- The characters shouldn't go over the country identifier, although as a side effect of how the game works this may happen in some cases.

You may use these signs in YouTube videos or in showcases but please give credit if you do so, thank you.

RE: The main image: You're under no obligation to donate anything to me whatsoever, I will continue to make mods whether you do or do not. :)
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