TB Graphics 3.1.5 [OIV / Replace]

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TheBearli Graphics, is a Graphic Mod who is based on VisualV and working great with QuantV.
Readme and Installation can You find
More Pictures


→ Added Carcols.ymt, with Better Emergency lighting.
→ Better Graphical Options. And OIV Installation.
(Optional Mod inculded too as OIV)
► New Emergency Light Improvment:

→ Added Better Dirt Trail
→ No More Chromatic aberration & Lens distortion
→ Enhanced Fireflies (Uninstall for the Files of 2.2)

→ Added a Reshade! Yes a Reshade as Optional Mod.
→ Improved the Timecycle_Mods and Pollen drops.
→ Now the Pollen sticks to the Ground when they fall.

→ Added Bokeh to the Visualsettings, on near focus will be now Bokeh in the far. → Reworked the Bokeh Texture.
→ Added HBAO-Setting.
→ ENB Reworked

→ ENB Fix

→ Added Timecycle to the Game.
→ Added Optional Bokehs for the Game. (More Bokeh comes with the Next Update)
→ Reworked the Wheater System

→ Fixed the OIV Install and Uninstall Version and the Timecycle

→ Added the Forgoten Reshade Preset File
→ Added some New Motion Blur Settings
► Look Here! For the Motion Blur!:

→ Added New Snowflake Texture
→ Some Visual Fixes
→ New Corona Textures, with the Next Update will come more Optional Textures
→ New Visual Textures
→ New Lensflare for the Ingame Chrackters

→ Some People Asked me Already about this Optional Mod:
RadianceV Compatible Now!
→ More Optional Bokeh

→ New Reshade (Working with the ENB)
→ Optional Setting, Better Headlight Range lighting
→ Little Fix's

→ After Hours Compatible Update

Recommended Mods:
L.A. Vegetation 3.0
L.A. Billboards - Real LA MegaPack [Add-On]
L.A. Roads + L.A. Roads Patch [Add-On]

QuantV 2.1.4

►Always Create Backup of The Original Files, befor installing Mods!◄
When You find Bugs, than give me to know and I will fix it ASAP!

Don't Reupload the Mod Anywhere! When the Mod will reuploaded it will immedeiantly taked down!
All Rights are Reserved by TheBearli/Kevin56436©
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