Realism Enhanced Control System (Move Around Corners, Cover to Cover with Blind Fire) 1.0


    Player Movement System Enhancements from the upcoming Realism 1.0.

I decided to release this after requests from people who saw it in action, so here is a standalone release of the system that allows the player to do the following.

  1. The Player can move around inside and outside corners by pressing Jump.
  2. The Player can move from cover to cover by pressing Run.
  3. The Player can take cover from a greater distance.
  4. The Player can jump higher, combat roll from greater heights and jump to ledges easier.
  5. The Player can now jump against walls without falling over so easily.
  6. The Player can vault objects like cars more easily.
  7. There are other small tweaks to distance and other values for various controls too minor to be useful to mention, a more comprehensive list will be made as I expand on the new control system and decide if any of those small tweaks are worth describing.

As Always My Mods Are Made 100% Through File Editing, No Scripts, Just Easy Native Changes To The Rage Engine's Files.

  1. Open the archive.

    1. Open OpenIV and select "Edit" mode.
    2. : Move the contents of update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune/ to your mods folder in OpenIV at mods/update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune/
    3. Start your game

    That is all.
    Enjoy, and get ready for
    Enhanced AI (High Speed Vehicle Avoidance, Line of Sight Based Collision Probe Etc.)
    Enhanced Physics (Proper Vehicle and Body Physics, World Object Mass and Ragdoll Overhaul)
    Realism 1.0

    ... And More!
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