GTA V Re-Sized [Not Just Another FPS improvement Mod] All x64 rpf's

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GTA V Re-Sized - Not Just Another FPS improvement Mod

By N8Gamez, MN8R01

With support from the GTA Modding Community!!

Download all downloads, install the "All x64.rpfs" files first. Then all the other dlcpacks in download section and any patches to x64 files.
2021 files are in zip but can be installed with OpenIV Package installer just like an oiv.

Though all files are still required there is the newest dlc we have added.


Previous recent additions/changes:
2021 updates are now downloadable from here. Look in download section for new updates.

Recent additions are:

X64r patch 2021.
X64w patch 2021.
All Patchday dlc's.


If you have trouble installing check the pinned topic for help.

The biggest part of the mod depends on OpenIV defragment each archive contained in an archive then defragment that archive afterwards. This is crucial to the peak performance of our mod. Thanks GoodNtS for your support!

After installing all the oiv packages we are able to reduce the game archives by over 12gb by RE-Sizing the images!! With no noticeable image loss this version is well on its way to becoming a staple mod!

GTA V RE-Sized is a perfect base to build your favorite modded game on.
In RE-Sizing the textures your computer can throw the images much faster and smoother now so your CPU/GPU and memory will be happier too!


You need to install the "x64".oiv files
( i.e.: x64a.rpf and x64d.fpr.oiv, x64c.rpf.oiv, x64e.rpf.oiv etc...)

You need to have all current dlcpacks for a successful install of the dlcpacks.
( OpenIV does not create the whole dlc.rpf it needs the original to build from.)

Final Notes:

If you notice any texture issues or quality you are not pleased with let us know.

This mod is being Groomed by the Community you are a part of.
Peace, N8Gamez ,MN8R01.
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 X64w patch

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 All x64 rpf's (current)

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 All Patchday dlc's. 12 mins install

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 Mpheist4 dlc's

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