Enhanced ENB graphic mod 1.0.5

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- Rework Timecycel for more realistic look at day n night
- Fog Remove
- Colore correction

- Cars
- Street lights
- Day and night brightness
- Shadows
- Reflections
- Spotlight and LEDs
- PED lights correction
- and many more small changes

This mod works with ENBSeries v.0447 or higher

Download now:

Put all files from "WrapperVersion" folder in your main GTA folder.
After that put my ENB settings in your main GTA folder.

ENB is a open source tool created by Boris Vorontsov


Dieser Mod benötigt ENBSeries v.0447 oder besser.

- Nebel Entferner
- Farben Korrektur

- Autos
- Strassenlichter
- Tag und Nacht beleuchtung
- Schatten
- Reflektionen
- Scheinwerfer und LEDs
- NPC Helligkeit
- und viele weitere kleine änderungen

Jetzt Downloaden:

Alle Daten aus den "WrapperVersion" Ordner in dein GTA Hauptverzeichnis einfügen.
Danach fügst du meine Einstellungen in dein Hauptverzeichnis ein.

ENB ist ein open source tool erstellt von Boris Vorontsov

Update List:
Version 1.0.5 whats new?
Fix Car Color Error
(Colores are back, no more to much chrome)
Fix lights from the distance Error
(in the night distance lights are more visibil and no more gone)
Change bloom settings for distance lights
Change bloom settings in buildings and garage
Change Gamelens settings

Version 1.0.4 whats new?
Update the mod to use ENB v0447p

Rework Cars:
- Reflection (better mirroring like RTX style)
- Chrome and metallic paintjob (like RTX style)
- Emergency LED lights update
(LEDs are now more intensiv - every time)

Update timecycle
(many small details like:
- Lightsprite
- Lightnatural
- Sky
- Bloom)

Remove low settings
Update the performance for less FPS hunger

Version 1.0.3 whats new?
Upgrade Timecycel
- Add more Blue and Gray colores for the sky and clouds
- Add more cloud details are visibil for more fluffy feeling
- Rebalance shadow settings for the rework timecycel
- Upgrade ENB version from v0.351 to v0.387

Version 1.0.2 whats new?
- New Light Sprite
- Bugfix Sun Settings
The sun no longer disappears at extra sunny time
- Bugfix Sharp effect is active again

Version 1.0.1 whats new?
Cars reflection are now adjusted to the new timecicel

Timecicel Changes:
Sky Sunset are now more Intensiv
Stars at Sunset are weakly recognizable
Small changes for cloud saturation
Small changes for sun saturation
Lots of mini changes in the timecicel for a true realistic look for every time and weather sytuation. :)

Version 1.0 whats new?
Rework Timecycel for more realistic look at day n night
Car Headlights visibility (now stronger) at day n night
Stars are now more visible at sunrise
Stars are now less visible at midnight

Version 0.9 whats new?
Add a performance mode for medium and low end PCs
Small changes for more realistic look

Version 0.8 whats new?
Remove Reshade for faster performance
Better ENB Bloom Effect
Improved Night light glow
Rain puddels have now better reflections
Add Sharp Effect

Version 0.7 whats new?
Better shadow lights at night
After a user report a problem i make small code changes - maybe help - maybe not...

Version 0.6 whats new?
- Optional fog.
Off, 10%, 50% or 100%
- Sniper Cam (Bloom + Zoom + Lens bending)
Read "Readme" for more Information :)
- (one more) Better colore correction
- Small changes

Version 0.5 whats new?
- Better sky and clouds
- Small changes for shadows

Version 0.4
Brings a complete game overhaul.
- Fog remove
- Colore correction

- Cars
- Street lights
- Day and night brightness
- Shadows
- Reflections
- PED lights correktion
- and many more small changes

Version 0.3
Better fog remove again ^^

Version 0.2
Better fog remove

Version 0.1
First Release
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