Awesomekills Graphics 23/12


This is combined graphic mod which includes end, reshade, timecycle modifyed and some other file changes.

1. Using OpenlV install VisualV.

2. Using OpenlV install Awesomekills graphics.oiv package

3. Install Reshade

4. Delete "reshade-shaders" folder from your GTAV folder

5. Copy all files from "5 step folder" to your GTAV folder with replace.

6. Change path in "ReShade.ini" file from "6 step" folder (helping picture with instructions included), save it and copy to your GTAV folder

If you have troubles with install check video tutorial:

Included reshade presets list:
Awesomekills NORT Gameplay - preset for gameplay &screenshots
Awesomekills NORT Screens SmallDOF - preset for screenshots with small DOF
Awesomekills NORT Screens BigDOF - preset for screenshots with big DOF

Delete mods folder, dxgi.dll and d3d11.dll

Update December 2023 changelog:

- Cars reflections
- Colour balance, gamma
- Bloom
- Sky, clouds
- Performance optimization

If You have trouble with dark picture disable scale mod in video settings.

Also i release RT version of this mod.
You can check it here:
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