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Meeting Place 1.0
by Iammistahwolf

Are you or your group needing a place to discuss business far from prying eyes? Tired of back alleys and parking garages while bums or crackheads can eavesdrop then go snitching to your rivals or the authorities? Well the Infinity Group has just the place for you!

Out in Blaine County where people know to keep to themselves, you can rent or purchase the 'Meeting Place'. Located near a certain private lab facility, the Meeting Place is secure with modern amenities to accomodate mid-level to top rank 'executives' looking for the right spot to make plans, negotiate or have a summit.

The Meeting Place offers a secure conference room and a secure communications trailer with 'extras' including internet surveillance, radar array, drone workshop and weapons repair bay. The conference room is fully stocked with food and drink for those long sessions of doing hard business. Included is video conferencing and a full multi-media presentation setup. Interior video surveillance will keep an eye on the outside and who can get in. During daylight hours private security agents will be onhand to keep out the riff-raff or any nosey LEO's.

So for your next planning session, negotiation or summit take your meeting, to the Meeting Place!


Menyoo, Simple Trainer, latest Scripthook


Place the Meeting Place XML into Menyoo Stuff/Spooner folder. To get the communications trailer interior to function properly, you'll need to use Simple Trainer's After Hours Terrabyte teleport. 'Do Not use Menyoo or ENT' to get the Terrabyte interior. Both either don't load or you'll have weird results and will have to restart the game to clear it.

To enter the Main building or communication trailer, just walk up to the door.

Known Bugs:

There is an odd collision right at the bottom of the stairs in the conference room. You can walk down the stairs with no problem. When walking up the stairs, you may run into that collision. If you do, simply go to the bottom of the stairs and then hit 'jump'. You'll pass through it.


Please do not change and reupload this map claiming you made it. Do give me credit when showcasing it or if using it in a recorded scenario.

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