Florida Styled Vegetation [YMAP] 1.0

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Florida Styled Vegetation v1.0

This mod adds a very heavily inspired by, realistic and somewhat accurate Florida or Southern-like Wetland/Swamp vegetation to your Grand Theft Auto V game. All of the vegetation used is vanilla based, heavily optimized and has been placed and edited carefully via Map Editor and Codewalker to recreate and immerse players into a Sandy Shores as well as Panorama, Joshua and Senora Freeway that is fit for a Florida themed environment or of a place that is of similar look and feel.
Multiple hours of research, time, and various videos and just being a straight up resident of the area for a few years, has helped me form as well as create this YMAP and placed vegetation exclusively for Roleplay, Photography or more. This is also used by a few select RP servers on FiveM and heavily inspired and modeled after Orange County Roleplay since it has been highly requested by a lot of people! (Thanks for being an awesome community!)

You can also find a few easter eggs if you look in the right places!

Street lights have also been added along Senora Freeway from the weigh station/pipe-works area to the Union Road exit in Grapeseed!

Please expect a maximum FPS drop of about 4-10 frames
but it may vary depending on graphic mod, hardware, time of day and location in-game.

BUGS AS OF 9/29/2019:

As I have made and constructed this mod over the last six months, I have worked on it a multi-tude of times, both in game and in Codewalker.
Due to this, some props have been left behind that are no longer removable in the mod's current state. You can find said bugs on the West end of Joshua Road, going South towards Harmony's Gas/Petrol Station in a now removed Recreation Area/Park that I had added originally but decided to cut. Please do not let this inconvenience you, if you are not looking for it, you will probably not notice it! Thanks!

You will need OpenIV to install this mod!

Installation directions are included in the Mod archive!

Thanks for taking the time to check this out, enjoy!
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