V Reborn Forest [WIP] now CES Vegetation 1.4

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Full version on Patreon contains FiveM client and serverside update.

Full Version adds over 1,000 HQ Redwoods to the forests of San Andreas. It can be found on my Patreon. These were very time consuming and extremly difficult to get right so please respect my work and don't distribute. Also if so desired please feel free to support me, there will be more in the works soon.

A free portion of CES Vegetations Redwood Forest, formally V Reborn Forest.

Here you will have three small groups of newly added Redwoods. These are complete new assets to the game, in this beta version you will encounter three new trees completely new to the world of GTA V. These Redwoods are large as they should be, some may be a bit to large at the moment but that will be fixed with future updates. Keep in mind this is a free sample to a larger project so no more will be added to it.

These assets can be found in the Sandy shores area. The full version covers Sandy shores, Chiliad mountain, Paleto Bay, and both highways.

Will have my patreon etc available later for anyone who wants to support me with CES vegetation. I have a lot already in the works and a lot more planned!

I will support bug fixes and any texture upgrades I do and very small little changes, keep in mind this is in its beta stage so if there are any issues please allow me the time to address them. Creating these models and getting them into GTA is already time consuming as is.

Follow the installation guide included. Alternatively follow these steps:

To install simply follow this path and replace the current ces vegetation folder mods update x64 dlcpacks

add dlcpacks ces vegetation to the dlclist.xml to do so follow this path mods update update.rpf common data

Change Log: Version 1.4
--Reworked all three models to have better quality and performance
--New and better quality Leaf Textures
--All models are now even more poly friendly to increase FPS
--Removed chipped bark trunk to allow PXM shader to properly work so trunks now have added depth.
Change Log: Version 1.3
---Fixed all collisions now working properly
---New 4K Leaf textures
---Reworked all three models to be more poly friendly
---Two models have a chipped trunk for extra detail
Change Log: Version 1.2
Three new HQ Redwood assets that I have made
--- Fixed LOD rendering (Trees now have correct LOD chains)
--Applied new shaders to the leaves with correct mapping for improved visuals.
--Uses .ytd instead of embeds increasing performance
--Includes collisions (still WIP) having a hard time getting them just right.

This will be updated at regular intervals for fixes and any changes I do to the main models.
Change Log: Version 1.1

---- Fixes for incorrect placement of trees (trees should no longer be bulging out of the ground from the roots.

---- Color matching adjustments to the tree's leaves. They will now not be as bright green instead they will now reflect more of GTA color scheme.
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