XM7 6.8 [Mk2 Replace, Modular] 2.0


The assault rifle that won the U.S. Army's Next Generation Squad Weapons Program. Due to concerns that the 5.56 mm ammunition used in the M4 carbine would become less effective, this rifle and 6.8 mm ammunition will replace it. The SLX suppressor and the XM157 fire control system are operationally tested together. In addition to the standard 20-round magazine, an optional 25-round magazine is available.

Carbine Rifle mk2 replace

45 degree offset sights or standard sights.
folding stock.
A camo that combines iron sights and PEQ15.
XM157 fire control(sniper rifle scope).
SLX suppressor.
Two colors.
Normal and translucent magazines.

In principle, please install all the listed meta, ydr, ytd.
If you want to use the scope in FPS view, equip it after ADS in FPS view point.
To equip the xm157, enter "XM157" in the trainer's attachment search. Spawn confirmed in simple trainer. Other trainers are unconfirmed.
Official scopes do not align sights.
Operation has been confirmed only in the story. Basically, we do not support FiveM, etc., so please do it yourself.

--How to installation--
Described in Readme.
Please read it carefully as it contains details. See also 'installation path'.

--Update log--
Ver 1.1 Updated 'weapons carbinerifle mk2.meta'. Added META to replace SCOPE MEDIUM MK2 for those who can't spawn xm157.

Ver 2.0 The base model was changed. Most of the model was reworked accordingly. Corrected installation location changed in the latest update.

Nothing in particular.

mestnmestn (Ver2.0 model)
SGT Johnny "Soap" MacTavish (original mod)
Battlestate Games

Please do not re-upload. Also, please do not upload to other sites.
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