Vapid Clique - Stock [ADD-ON] 4.0

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It always had to be like this, to begin with.
As my PC can't handle GTA V in full res, there are no in-game pics of it yet.

-Badges (bonnet ones based on Ford Tudor 49's)
-New Interior (also based on Ford Tudor 49's)
-Slightly raised suspension
-New rims
-New exhaust
-Bumpers included by default instead of LS Customs modifications.
-Fixed dirt map (and burn)

Possibily fixed the error that makes the game crash upon entering the vehicle. Contact me if you're still having the same trouble.

Content.xml was empty, thus preventing the mod from working. This is fixed in 3.0.

Removed indicators and added a new grille.
Added LODs.


@ Rockstar Games : Original Model
@ Myself : Model Edits

Spawn Name: clique2

Ask for permission in order to edit. Thank you.
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