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Hello Everyone! Today, I bring you the TITAN aircraft handling mod! This was quite a challenge, but I got it to a great point! It's at a fair point to upload!

WARNING: Before you proceed, I shall warn you:
Due to the crappy model (the gear damnear touches the floor and leaves hardly any room for the wheelbase to takeoff on its own!) combined with the added increased damage, sometimes, if you're not gentle enough on the takeoff, and there are objects in the way of the tail, the plane will explode. I put this there on purpose as before the plane would bounce up like a dumb-ass cartoon! Anyways, if you find this annoying, you can always disable it by setting the fDeformationDamageMult and fCollisionDamageMult lower in the .meta! Now let's proceed! :D

Based on the C130H, the titan is a tactical turbo-prop transport airplane designed to be operable in even the most hostile environments. The powerful braking and decently quick acceleration makes it extremely versatile and applicable in many (conventional or unconventional) environments! This craft makes a powerful companion for any pilot needing to drop a tactical team from a high altitude or even just some cargo to provide a resupply! Whether rain, hail, sleet, or even hurricane, you can always rely on the raw power of the titan!

As always, you can flare! When approaching on the final, reduce your speed and even your pitch angle to 0. When increased, your glideslope will increase. When decreased, you will drop faster. Use this with your variable thrust to make for the perfect landings (as with the vestra!)

I hope you guys enjoy, provide feedback, and stay tuned!
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