San Andreas Motorsport - Classic Rally Cars 1.0

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This is a pack of 39 rally-tuned classics. This pack contains only classic cars that can be customized with liveries and race parts. This is the second pack of a series of race-themed Menyoo packs. This one focuses on rally cars built for durability and off-road finesse. Please make sure your GTAV build is up-to-date.. Down below are the requirements, installation and car list.

Menyoo PC by MAFINS
Lore-Friendly Wheels Pack by MGgames100 (You don't need the wheels add-on for this to work, the cars will just spawn with their stock wheels without it.)
Vanillaworks Extended Livery Pack by Vanillaworks Team (This mod is required to see the cars that use liveries from VELP. All credit the creators of that mod!)

Place the .xml files inside the .rar into Grand Theft Auto V / menyooStuff / Vehicle folder.

Car List:
#001 Fukaru Lampadati Tropos Rallye (Requires VELP)
#002 Redwood Vapid Retinue
#004 Air Herler Lampadati Tropos Rallye
#006 Redwood RUNE Cheburek (Requires VELP)
#007 eCola Lampadati Michelli GT
#008 Stronzo Lampadati Tropos Rallye
#011 Piswasser Pfister Comet Safari
#011 Rusty Piswasser Pfister Comet Safari
#013 Rusty Stronzo Pfister Comet Safari
#016 Zombix Vulcar Fagaloa
#019 Redwood Pfister Comet Safari
#019 Rusty Redwood Pfister Comet Safari
#025 Turbo Atlantic Lampadati Tropos Rallye (Requires VELP)
#028 Fukaru Pfister Comet Safari
#029 Xero Gas Vapid Retinue
#035 RON Vapid Retinue
#037 Stronzo Vapid Retinue
#041 Atomic Tires RUNE Cheburek
#042 Dusche Vapid Retinue
#047 Gammi Forapundo Lampadati Michelli GT
#054 Lampadati Racing Lampadati Michelli GT
#054 Lampadati Two-Tone Lampadati Michelli GT
#063 Helmut's Racing Lampadati Michelli GT
#064 Vapid Retro Rally Vapid Retinue
#066 Vulcar Racing Vulcar Fagaloa
#067 Lampadati Heritage Lampadati Michelli GT
#069 Arrow Gasoline Weeny Issi
#069 Basic Sponsor Weeny Issi
#071 Globe Oil Pfister Comet Safari
#074 Redwood Lampadati Tropos Rallye (Requires VELP)
#078 Dusche Lampadati Michelli GT
#086 Suburban Vapid Retinue (Requires VELP)
#093 Stronzo Lampadati Michelli GT
#105 Cherenkov Vodka RUNE Cheburek
#122 Rally de Paleto Vulcar Fagaloa
#128 Fukaru Tires RUNE Cheburek
#305 Amigas Annis 190z
#305 Classic Amigas Annis 190z
#407 MacBeth Vulcar Fagaloa
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