NOOSE Livery for RCV v2


Let's face it, this vehicle doesn't deserve to be called an emergency vehicle without a livery - it teases us with its grey colour scheme, but really, there's no proof this anything more than a truck a kid stole and put some lights on.

So, with that, comes the ACTUAL RCV, that is, the NOOSE RCV. This livery essentially adds the NOOSE stencils (as well as the LSPD since the Police Riot also has this) to the bodywork and gives the vehicle the same colour as the Police Riot.

I didn't just stick some NOOSE stickers in random places though, as that's not who I am. I redid all the text since the poor quality backing on the text was very much noticeable. While I wasn't able to give the livery a complete makeover, it's better than what the Police Riot offered us.

For some reason I wasn't able to get this to work in a home-made add-on DLC folder as it crashed the game every time, so you're gonna have to stick with me and follow the instructions.

Credits to Majorpaine2015, who UV mapped the model and created a handy texture template (

----- File Contents -----
- file folder with new riot2 model (both HD and LOD models) and textures (ditto)
- livery templates - the hand-crafted NOOSE livery available in PNG form for you to mess around with.

----- Releases -----
V1: Initial release

I may re-upload an updated version and may even release different liveries when I work out why the DLC add-on folder wasn't working for me.


As proposed, I have released another version of the livery. This is a simple black and white copy which gives the vehicle an entirely different look - since the Police Riot's rather ugly brownish colour doesn't really conform with the rest of the police vehicles, and a black Police Riot livery was created by other modders, I have released a black livery for the RCV. It is located in the templates folder within the download. To use this version, simply replace the original riot2_sign_1 file within the provided txd. Again, this livery works with White primary colours best.

----- Installation -----
1. Start OpenIV.

2. Navigate to the 'mods' folder or create it in the GTA V folder if you don't have it.

3. Find the xmas2vehicles rpf file, and move the file to the mods folder.


4. Move the provided riot2 files into the rpf folder:
* riot2.yft
* riot2_hi.yft
* riot2.ytd
* riot2+hi.ytd

5. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.

PS: the livery works best with Worn White as a primary color, as the Police Riot also uses this colour.
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