Improved Invetero Coquette Pack [Add-On] 2.1


Coquette Pack is compatible with IVPack - the improved Coquette overwrites the default model from IVPack.



- Civilian Coquette models: the front licence plate is now an extra; Webster livery now has a carbon spoiler.
- Unmarked LSPD model: policecoq42old and policecoq42new are now united into a single model: policecoq42; carcols.meta was edited to merge both lighting setups.
- SAHP models: removed spoiler (standard); switched around red and blue rear spoiler LEDs (slicktop).

This early 2000s American monster continues the tradition set 40 years earlier by the Blackfin: oversized engine in a tiny compartment, no-nonsense performance and surprising longevity. Praised by both cops and crooks, the Coquette is a reliable choice for both sides, against each other. Don't underestimate its dated looks - had you had lived 20 years earlier, you wouldn't have contained such amount of badassery oozing from every inch of this curvy bodywork.
Legendary Motorsports

Back in 2000s, police departments of cities notorious for frequent illegal street racing events were in need to take down blacklist racers and support American vehicle industry in the process. Their choice was the Invetero Coquette - a car with long history and capability to withstand exhaustive chases after riced out Dinkas and Pegassis. Retired in 2012, those special police interceptors lucky enough not to end their service life smashed under Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts donut statues have since been used by the police on car meets as a subtle means to send a message to rice burner owners in their 20s that police chases used to be much more intense.
Five-Star Auctions

This is an improved model of Invetero Coquette from GTA IV. As of 2.1, it comes in 7 (seven) flavours:
- stock model;
- alternative stock model (has an extra spoiler, front bumper extensions and side exhaust);
- LSPD Coquette;
- unmarked LSPD Coquette;
- LSSD Coquette;
- SAHP Coquette in two variants.

- Full livery support by Da7K; template available in the archive.
- Two liveries for the alternative variant, based on Need for Speed designs: Wes 'Webster' Allen blacklist #5 from Most Wanted by Boywond and Nathan Cross from Carbon by artistraaw.
- Engine improvements: new engine block (supports secondary colour), reverse opening bonnet like the real Chevrolet Corvette.
- Wheel improvements: new chrome stock wheels with Invetero logo, brake calipers (support secondary colour).
- Working fog lights.
- Front licence plate.
- High quality mirror reflections.
- Interior improvements: new steering wheel, Coquette badges on a glove compartment and headrests, minor model and texture edits.
- All basic functions available: all LODs, breakable glass with shards, dirt mapping, hands on a steering wheel etc.

- Realism Dispatch Enhanced (RDE) level of quality of police equipment: light and siren control panel, laptop, unique lightbars and lighting setups, 4 lore-friendly liveries per car based on real Los Angeles and California law enforcement agencies.
- LSPD and LSSD Coquette: 2 lightbars as extras: one based on MX7000 and default LED.
- Unmarked LSPD Coquette: 2 variants: halogen light setup based on pre-2006 design (by 11john11) and 2006-2011 LED setup (by NefariousBonne).
- SAHP Coquette: 2 variants: slicktop and 2 lightbars as extras, based on Federal Signal Vector and Whelen Liberty.

1. Start OpenIV.
2. Navigate to the 'mods' folder or create it in the GTA V folder if you don't have it.
3. Create a series of folders inside 'mods':


4. Move the provided dlc.rpf inside "vtcoq".
5. Leave 'mods' folder. Locate 'dlclist.xml':

GTA V/update/update.rpf/common/data

Enable 'edit mode' and when OpenIV prompts you to copy the whole catalogue to 'mods' folder, do it.
6. Add the following line:


7. If done correctly, the mod should be ready to use.


- The law enforcement variants don't sound like a stock model, but like a Buffalo. This was made in order for the sirens to emit sound.

Rockstar Games - original car model, original police equipment.
_CP_ - car model conversion to GTA V, text file support.
Voit Turyv - car model improvements, law enforcement variants, liveries.
Da7K - full model mapping, improved bodywork.
Lt.Caine, Sgt. Kanyo, Lundy - MX7000 lightbar model.
11john11 - default rotator lightbar improvements, halogen light setting, screenshots.
NefariousBonne - improved police equipment, dedicated siren settings included in carcols.meta, Federal Signal Vector lightbar improvements, livery designs.
Yard1 - livery designs, livery tweaks, Federal Signal Vector conversion from GTA IV, Whelen Liberty lightbar model.
Dani02 - high-quality door cards.
Boywond - Webster livery, screenshots and artworks, beta testing.
artistraaw - Carbon Cross livery.
AlexVonShep - SAHP logo.
WildBrick142 - screenshots, beta testing.
kermanRB12 - beta testing.

If you want to modify the model or reupload it somewhere else, make sure to contact me and give credit.
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