Marked and Unmarked BMW X5 F15 [Replace | ELS] V1.0


It has been a while since I have made anything and this is something that I am quite happy with so why not release it.

- Initial Release
- Changed the Marked Traffic Car to a Firearms Variant
- Changed the ELS XML's so that the siren's worked ( Mistake using wrong files)

In this pack there are 2 variants of the BMW X5 F15:

- Marked Firearms Version
- Unmarked Firearms Version

Both of these are just generic based vehicles and are not 100 Percent realistic but they are not too bad looking ( if I don't say so myself :) )

Credits -

Model Purchased from - Droidd
Lights - Various people from LSPDFR and Modding Forum
Equipment - Various People from LSPDFR and GTAPOLICEMODDING
Livery - ArteX


There will be an add-on version for Singleplayer soon but due to the New Update I can not make one as of yet.


Place this car in the newest Patchdayng "Number Whatever" which will be in the path -

X:GTA DIREC/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday"Whatever Number"ng/dlc.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.rpf/

Make sure that ELS or ELSplus is installed for Singleplayer or FiveM and place the XML in the respective place

If you are not sure on what too do then look up on Youtube on how to install Replace vehicles for either FiveM or
Singleplayer depending on what you want it for.


This is simple enough:

- Place in the Resources Folder depending on what car/cars you want
- They are already set up for ELSPlus so they will work straight away as long as ELSPlus is installed
- To obtain ELSPlus join the FreindsInCode Discord ( ) and it is in there.

Hope you enjoy the car!


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