Declasse Granger Retro LSPD Minipack [Add-On] 1.0


When you think about police cars, you think about your standard everyday Stanier, but turns out there are bigger cars for police officers to sit their fat asses in while pretending to do traffic control and other police stuff. The Declasse Granger was a great choice back in the day so the LSPD got a couple of them but since times go by, they had to remove that huge bulky Aerodynic and fit a somewhat modern (for the day) arjent lightbar and just got it rolling again in a black and white paint and here we have it. Hell even the LSPD SWAT still uses them, why bother change their vehicles? is not like they see much action anyway...

This is a minipack I put together a couple of days before Rockstar decided to bless us with an update, a pack I made just to heat up modding after a couple of weeks of break I decided to take. The minipack includes both a LSPD and SWAT version of the Declasse Granger based on the LAPD GMC Suburbans and at the same time, as a refitted version of Dusty's LSPD traffic Granger Retro. I hope you all like it and enjoy patrolling with it and happy holidays to all :)

2 Declasse Granger Police SUVs:

-LSPD Traffic Division

-Drag the mod folder into your dlcpacks folder and add "neo_polgrangerold" into your dlclist.xml using OPENIV


-Release version


-Ubisoft: original Decussine 2500 model
-GCT: original Granger Retro model
-Dani02: converted Granger Retro to V
-Monkeypolice188: Better wheel models, enhancements, paintable interior
-Vx5Voltage, 11john11, Weeby: MX7000 lightbar
-11john11: Antennas, Computer, Siren Controller, Radio, Console, front flashers
-Voit Turyv: Console
-Nacho, Weeby: trunk props and organiser
-Nacho: halogen emmissive texture
-BravoOneCharlie: retro style Exempt plates
-TheF3nt0n: Mapping
-Jacobmaate: Arjent lightbar
-11john11: help with sirensettings and LiveLights plugin
-Weeby: double Alamo doors, front flashers
-neogeo39: Liveries and paintable rims
-AlexanderLB: Various decals
-ukeyS: amazing looking screenshots
-Lorehub team: Beta Testing, advice and help

-Do not reupload anywhere else/modifiy/use in FiveM
-If I forgot someone on the credits please send private message
-If siren doesn't work change their ID or use this Script
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