2021 Mercedes-AMG ONE [Add-On | Template | Tuning | Extras | VehFuncs V] 1.1


2021 Mercedes-AMG ONE v1.0
Model from: Forza
Convert and Edit 3Dmodel: RomashkaBeast
-Ultra high-quality HQ model
-Dirt map
-Working gauges
-Working animation exhausts & engine
-Correct model proportions
-Realistic mirror
-Break glass
-Extra part
-player sits in the car properly
-The original FORZA proportions of the car
-Three variants of wheel rims
Update v1.1 Changelog:
-Fixed third-person camera.
-Engine cover fixed.
-Added VehFuncs configuration files for different types of spoiler and air intake operation.
-Added version for replacing rims (rear wheels look correct when replaced).
-Vehfuncs working parts:
-Manual spoiler and air intakes
-Radiator fan
-Taillights and brakelights
-To activate the spoiler and air intakes press LCtrl+b. Requires "Vehfuncs V"
-Paint 1 - Body
-Paint 2 - Caliper brake
-Paint 4 - Rims
-Paint 6 - Interior details, wheel parts, body extras
-Paint 7 - Caliper brake decals
- Extras:
- Extra 1 - Back license plate
- Extra 2 - Back trim badges
- Extra 3 - Side trim badges
- Extra 4 - Front emblem
- Extra 5 - Spoiler trim badge
- Extra 11 - Central display
- Extra 12 - Phone in the center console drawer
[Editing the dlclist.xml]
1. Using OpenIV, extract the contents of the folder "x64" to: \Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
2. Using OpenIV, go to: \Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data — and extract the "dlclist.xml" in some folder of your choice.
3. Add the following line:


4. Save the changes and copy the edited "dlclist.xml" back to: \Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data


Please note!
The model was tested on version (1.0.2699.0).
If you have no engine sound, it means that you are using an earlier version of the game. Just edit the file vehicles.meta in the data folder and replace the line sm722 with rapidgt3 or insert any other name instead of sm722

There are bugs: The third-person camera is far away. I haven't found the problem yet. I recommend using "Extended Camera Settings"
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