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    @R3QQ Ok, sounds great! Thanks for even considering!

    23 november 2023
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    @R3QQ Oh yeah, we tried that one. It was incredibly frustrating. It has so many ridiculous settings, and it never seemed to do just the muting. It's designed to try to make overall gta more child friendly, and that was way too much. That's the reason I tried to hire someone on fiverr (to try to trim that script down to just muting speech). But that didn't work out. Yours works exactly as it should: silent AI, nothing more. Would love a server side version.

    18 november 2023
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    @R3QQ Please please please create a server side addon. Since YouTube has changed monetization for videos with swearing, this could be helpful for fivem creators that want to play around AI peds. It's also nice for people that just don't want to hear the annoying repeated phrases from the same AI. I've tried unsuccessfully to get this to work as is, but it doesn't seem to, at least not on the server I play on. But a server side addon we could definitely put to good use. I would happily donate as well: almost paid a guy on Fiverr to try to write a script.

    16 november 2023