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    When I say 'Speed Radar 1.1' I meant 'SpeedRadar.dll'

    31 oktober 2017
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    Is Speed Radar 1.1 not working for you? Tried everything and still not working? This could be the solution for you (it was for me)

    You've heard all this before BUT...ensure you have all the latest 'ScriptHookV', 'ScriptHookVDotNet' (v2), RPH, etc. All these should be in your MAIN 'GTA V folder' (not in sub-folders).

    Prior to downloading 'Speed Radar 1.1' I used to put everything in my 'Plugins' folder...this is NOT a plugin. You will need to create a NEW folder (in the main GTA folder) and name it 'Scripts'. GTA will automatically recognise the file.

    Place 'Speed Radar 1.1' in the NEW 'Scripts' folder.

    If you find you still can't use speed radar, try going through other mods/scripts and their keybindings to see if there are any clashes. For me the 'Simple Trainer' had allocated the 'Delete' and '.' to other tasks. I removed these. (I did change these prior to seeing if it would work without these changes though, so changing keybindings might not be necessary, depends)

    Speed Radar works for me after completing these steps.

    31 oktober 2017