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  • Michael2

    @sinisterkelly There's already a naked Trevor... surely that would suffice???

    13 november 2023
  • Michael2

    Damn... just realised it's been 3 months since Jam102970 used to create great oiv packs for all the fixes. Haven't seem him in a while... they were great and very helpful.

    24 september 2023
  • Michael2

    Fun ask - you've got a blackout feature where you can black out all the lights. Is there any way you can disable all the actual interior and exterior lights, but not the car headlights... like a power outage? That would be awesome.

    9 juli 2023
  • Michael2

    I'm getting crashing every single time I try to enable the Online multiplayer areas under the 'Teleport' menu.

    8 juli 2023
  • Michael2

    YES... Finally the greatest trainer has been updated. Glad to see a new version sjaak327!!!

    28 juni 2023
  • Michael2

    Yeah, sadly enough the creator hasn't updated this in 3.5 months. Right now it just causes a lot of crashes, so I wouldn't use it.

    14 april 2023
  • Michael2

    @JAM102970 I can't stress how great it is to have the .oiv package for all these fixes. While Alex106 is taking great steps to fix these things, trying to manually fix all these things is just horrible. Your packages make this as simple as can be... and I really appreciate it.

    10 april 2023
  • Michael2

    @JAM102970 Just wanted to say thanks for the Packaged OIV as this makes is SO much easier to install. Trying to do it manually is a pain in the arse.

    13 december 2022
  • Michael2

    Is it possible to allow the same reactions to happen to the player when they're hit with bullets??? Might give it a sense of realism

    5 december 2022
  • Michael2

    Has anyone tried to do the same thing for the game Red Dead Redemption 2??? The amount of effort that has gone into this is quite beautiful, and it's mods that are keeping the singple-player game alive (not the publishers and the recycled attempts to re-release the same game over and over, while the multiplayer (which sucks) gets all the attention and updates.

    9 februari 2022