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    @PermissionToLand Yep, you're right. just reinstalled the game on a different drive, unfortunately it's a problem with true realistic driving, tho i've only tried 5.1 and the latest available, both gave me the same results. i'll miss playing with the extra inertia. Thanks for the help. Sorry for the trouble. And once more, amazing work

    27 februari 2023
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    With some more testing I've come to realize that it happens easier while in the northern part of the map, like way up at the top, there's some land where it's close to water. What's bugging me is that somehow it only happens at lower heights of the map. I've added turbo fix to the mix, messed with all settings i could in the true realistic driving, even downgraded for the 5.1 version since it's supposedly less buggy, still the same results. Also, sorry about my english, not my native language. @PermissionToLand I hope I can help with testing so it gets fixed ( if it's actually a problem at all)

    26 februari 2023
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    Hi, first of all, congratulations for making this amazing mod. I've been playing with it ages, but unfortunately i've been having some trouble using this mod recently, whenever i go into the dirt, usually near water, for some reason the front of the cars have been slaming itself down so hard that it keeps fliping over, i've deleted the mods folder and tried to do it with a clean mod install, only other mods i have installed with it are inverse power, true realistic driving, and manual transmission. I have tried without them as well, no luck. If anyone has any suggestion as delete this or that in some especific location, it would be very welcome. Fo

    25 februari 2023