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    @Mandarindrago it is important to remember to make a copy your original water.xml file, or any other type of file before editing, modding, or deleting. most importantly of all, you should always make a copy of all the files in your gta 5 folder before making any changes. this will save you a lot of time. by doing this, if you need to, you can delete the altered files in your gta 5 folder, and then replace them with your copied folders. dont use the copied folders thought if you plan on modding again. instead you should copy the already copied folders into your now empty gta 5 folder. it is also important to name your backup folder something recognizable. for instance i name mine "GTA 5 BACKUP. DO NOT DELETE". this will save you a lot of time, as instead of waiting several hours, or maybe even over a day, you would only be waiting at most 2 hours. I hope this helped you out.

    11 december 2020
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    any way that i can make the bodyguards attack literally everyone?

    10 december 2020
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    so funny thing, i just realized that this mod affects all submersibles in the game. is there any way to fix that?

    7 december 2020
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    does this mod work on pc? i just wanted to know before i got it.

    6 december 2020