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  • A3070b actual 1377528282

    How to install can you help me?

    18 oktober 2018
  • A3070b actual 1377528282

    How to Open: Wheel with the powers?

    10 januari 2018
  • A3070b actual 1377528282

    Hey, I think, you can customize animations on gta 5 because someone else is kind of fighting style. Did you want to do that as soon as there is a fighting style trying to make them really fat? :) and if you can not wait for a while haha

    27 maj 2017
  • A3070b actual 1377528282

    That's a pity, but this is a really cool mod and compliments ... on this work. Then wait patiently hope it may haha ​​ever

    28 april 2017
  • A3070b actual 1377528282

    Hi, I think this is a great mod. I have a question you could also make other fighting style in gta5 kunfu or other style because the default is best on realistic and gets boring ... furthermore this is really a nice mod and compliments

    27 april 2017
  • A3070b actual 1377528282

    Hello jedijosh you always make fat mods i have a question do not know if this is possible but you could also put other fighting style in because the standard is as boring as gtaiv are different types of fighting styles that are designed as you are well bent with mods Make it possible You can see if you can also apply another fighting style to the game that would be fat .... hope it's possible to respond to it.

    Greetings maikel

    24 april 2017
  • A3070b actual 1377528282

    I have a question, does anyone know where you should bring back the guy I'm not waypoint Nothing you have to go so, one sandy location ... And You should shoot first against the enemy, and then you press e for that man speak .. I do not know where they need to go .... one more thing if I call police they do nothing they stand and suddenly they're gone .... I have them geinstaleerd as it should be someone an idea

    otherwise it is a gift facking mod.
    would be cool if you spend can get a collage and any actually monitoring work has checked in for example the woman or man should go to the store and then that you walk with him but also to protect ech against potential enemies would not be possible ... but would be fat if you collaga can do with it ...

    excellent mod and definitely download

    8 april 2017
  • A3070b actual 1377528282

    @TheReEvolutions Have installed him but he does not know who can help me?

    13 januari 2017