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    It's a pity that it doesn't have overfenders like the real version... it's a pity that the plated parts are all black in the real version, so it's silver, but overall it's a very good build.

    30 september 2022
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    trainerv itself is currently unavailable. If you use it, it will definitely crash.

    7 september 2021
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    @Justin killington If you use it, it will crash. I can't use it now.

    7 september 2021
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    I tried various things.However, even if you can play at first, it will crash after 10 minutes

    Of course, you can play by maximizing all limiters. But over time it crashes. Crash Crash Crash.

    Probably nothing can be done in the current situation.

    You can play without crashing only at the beginning. However, if you gradually turn on the mod, it will definitely stop or crash and fall.

    It's not wrong here that everyone says it crashes and can't be used.

    I can play from the beginning without crashing. But it will definitely fall after 10 minutes

    Or, if you put out a few cars, change weapons, shoot, etc., it will fall on the spot

    There is no change even if you change all the values. It will definitely crash.

    It was such a situation

    31 augusti 2021
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    @ronthedonnie Yes, it is. Your method is the best. ^^

    27 augusti 2021
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    So far this is the only one that works  However, if the memory capacity is small, it will drop on the way.

    27 augusti 2021
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    The mod crashes because the unit increase hasn't been updated yet and it gets stuck and goes out. Let's wait until it's up. Everyone, let's calm down and wait. When the regular version is uploaded, update the mods on this side, then change dlclist.xml, change gameconfig.xml, that's the basics.^^

    14 augusti 2021
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    Not all Japanese
    Only enthusiasts can attach custom parts.
    Professionals who know the goodness of 32 prefer full normal

    Many people hate Nismo
    The goodness of 32 is full normal

    GTR is all different depending on the type, so I think it is best to keep the original

    I think it's best to make it according to your taste
    The recipient is very happy with it ^^

    15 januari 2021
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    It is a gull wing custom that was really sold by a Japanese dealer.
    Limited to 5 special custom cars

    After that, the number increased with personal custom.
    It was even more popular than DeLorean in Japan.

    I am very grateful to you for making this stallion. Thank you ヽ(^o^)丿

    14 januari 2021
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    Very great.All the Japanese were waiting.
    I also want a gull wing

    14 januari 2021