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    tell me how to make a beautiful picture, what should I put in so that when exporting the video there would be a beautiful picture and nothing would be there, I just really want to make a beautiful picture, but I don’t know how to put what presets so that it would be like in 4k

    6 januari 2024
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    Hello, I really want to make a cinematic picture, like in 4K, what presets should I put in the confs so that the quality is generally cool, and the problem is the following: I click export video, my game crashes

    no, I’m serious, what settings should I set so that the video comes out in 4k, what settings should I set in the files
    if in the game I set everything to ultra, and how can I make it so that I get a beautiful picture without pixels without anything

    6 januari 2024
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    Tell me where to put all these files so that they work

    21 december 2023
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    Hello, I have a question, cars constantly spawn for me when I press the combinations ALT G, ALT E, and all sorts of cars constantly spawn, how can I remove all the settings? I climbed and don’t understand. I went into the trainer v document, removed the lines and their combination there, saved it document they will spawn again later

    20 december 2023