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    @AidenDem Ok I'll give it a try and give an update. Also what about PEV: Dispatch, Tactics, Ambience Remastered & San Andreas Law Enforcement mod it that compatible with this mod and RDE?

    24 februari 2024
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    @AidenDem this mod doesn't work with Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced mod the game crashes when in a police chases. I like this mod because cops spawn in frequently the game unlike the RDE mod where cop do appear but not as frequently. For now I'll remove it and hope an update fix the crash issue.

    22 februari 2024
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    @AidenDem I also have crashing problem. I was driving around the map without a wanted level when the game crashed. I also installed the mods from recommend mod list. The Evolved Police Response mod worked but I crashed when I had a wanted so I removed it and and installed the other mod Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced it too crashed one me twice. In Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced mod the mod works but later in the game I crashed. I didn't have a active wanted level when I crashed with this mod and the Rebalanced Dispatch Enhanced mod are active. Is there a fix?

    14 januari 2024