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    @MissySnowie waaaw, would be cool if one day it wouldbe possible to drive them, hopefully

    12 februari 2024
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    @SkylineGTRFreak what a great work man, any plans to add also some interrior to the submarine(like in the submarine in Cayo Perico DLC)?

    1 januari 2024
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    @SSStuart thank you big bude for a reply!
    Will look forward to it a lot <3

    13 december 2023
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    @SSStuart Hey dude, thank you for a great mod!!! Got one question though. Since like already many years, almost right after the V-th game got released and people started releasing different mods, different aircraft carriers, there, almost immediately, popped up one interesting issue, that noone didn't come up with the solution till even now. The issue is ---> how will you keep all that aircraft intact, on the deck of the Aircraft Carrier, while you actually driving that Carrier?? Because, as soon as you start driving the Carrier, all the aircraft, standing on deck immediately starts jumping around, bouncing about and explodes or falls over the board into water. Believe it or not dude, but some years back, I used to be sitting at my gaming PC desk, sipping my coffee, and dreaming if somebody maybe could come up with maybe similar mod(just like yours), where you basically approach to the plane, standing on Aircraft Carrier deck, stick out the gun, target this gun on the jet, makes aka invisible shot ---> and the jet gets glued to the deck. This way you can firmly glue all the aircraft on the carrier, and after you're done,you then easily drive the Carrier, and never worried about any of the jets would start bouncing about or fall off the deck into water or explode, while you're still driving the Carrier. And lastly, when you finally finished to drive the Carrier, you then approach to any of the aircraft you wanna fly(still being glued, on the deck) and you pull out the gun and aka shoot on it(kind of unfreeze/unglue) again -----> and woooalliiaaa!!! ---> it becomes unfrozen(or unglued) and you can sit in it and fly away, while the rest of the aircraft on the Deck remains still glued. How about this idea? is there any chance you might be willing to try to think if can be done ? It would be simply dream come true, if you could.

    12 december 2023
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    @FowzZie waaaw, any chance to convert also Vienna ? Vienna would be dream come true!

    17 november 2023
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    @Frenchi18 hey,, nice mod. Would be cool to have some Mona Lisa, or some Picaso paintings - in the future versions of this great mod!

    22 augusti 2023
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    @farusca hey bro, just curious, can this script also remove a dramatic background music, when you are inside a gigantic submarine( Cayo Perico DLC) ??

    21 juli 2023
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    waaaw, will be looking forward to it :)

    13 april 2023
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    @Project Yankton Evolved
    I'm just confused why till now noone came up with this idea for majical snowy North Yankton just yet :(((

    12 april 2023