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    @Venator yah, but when you install in the openiv. It does not see that path and so it would not install correctly. You would have to do it manually.

    5 oktober 2023
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    @venator I also went into assembly and checked the pathway for popgroups and it isn't there "x64\level\gta5\popgroups\.

    21 september 2023
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    @venator I don't believe I have other mods in my game that would cause a crash issue, because I test them out before either adding them in or rejecting them because it wouldn't work with my lspdfr.

    21 september 2023
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    I don't know if the author still looks at this. But I just recently download it and manual installed due to that the ovi has the wrong path in the assembly file.
    Even after doing the manual install, my game crashes at the start of the loading for lspdfr. Can you please check the files and see if there is something wrong with it? I think there is something with popcycle.dat and popgroups.ymt.
    I removed them and placed the original files back in and it works fine. I would like to feel like the real LA since I am in California and see how jammed the traffic is in LA.

    15 september 2023