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    @WhyWhy @treatarya Please follow these install instructions if you are having trouble with the Install \ OIV ... Both folders inside "Install in DLC Pack" gets put under your "mods" folder located > mods > Update > x64 > dlcpacks folder. Then using OpenIV program you must go to mods > update > update.rpf > common > data > and pull dlclist.xml onto your desktop, press edit with notepad, and enter two lines of code at the bottom of the like the others: <Item>dlcpacks:/GerRoad_Mod/</Item> and the second one below that <Item>dlcpacks:/GerRoad_Mod_2/</Item> press save file and put it back in the same location. This allows the game to find that DLC pack you added in earlier. :)

    9 maj 2019
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    registered just to say, fucking amazing detail bro! nice job on all your models

    13 april 2019