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  • 912e88 vilavek

    @PapiDimmi Hey thanks PapiDimmi. I love the seatbelt / anti-eject built in to the most recent native trainer. It makes mine obsolete!

    The reason I advertised no RPF edit required isn't because modifying game files is difficult. It is because I wanted to illustrate that you do not need to exit the game and modify files anytime you want to simply toggle traffic on or off.

    22 juni 2015
  • 912e88 vilavek

    @PapiDimmi Bad? lol.. Of course there's a way to implement a smart toggle, and the implementation is rather simple. But I think you misunderstand my intention with this mod:

    I created it as a slap-dash down and dirty combination of solutions to problems I personally wanted fixes for in the interim before a proper way to accomplish these things through native function calls came along (as opposed to file edits). I thought one or two folks might find it useful, so I uploaded it. I'm sorry if it doesn't appeal to you.

    In the future I might modify it further, but for the time being if you want it to behave differently feel free to modify the source and re-upload. I went ahead and threw it on my website for you here:

    If you have any questions let me know.

    2 juni 2015
  • 912e88 vilavek

    The no traffic implementation is on a loop. It constantly deletes traffic around you when Enabled until you Disable it. If you don't want to use no traffic, then don't Enable it. In the next update I'll set it up so you can disable a feature if you don't use it by configuring the INI file to essentially assign it no key binding at all, but for the time being just assign it a key you don't use (like NumPad9 or something).

    @PapiDimmi I'm sorry to say that there will always be Toggle keys to turn Off/On a feature. This is due to the way anti-ejection is implemented in this mod. You need to turn off anti-ejection if you want to get out of your car, because it works by placing you back into your car anytime it detects that you are not in it, even if you are trying to get out of your car willingly.

    31 maj 2015
  • 912e88 vilavek

    @shenaniganizer Hey thanks! I finally hit head on traffic going 500 mph with the Endeavour trainer's RPM multiplier modification.

    Also, I always forget to disable Anti-Eject before getting out of my car too.. Maybe I should set it up so you can tell the mod which key is your Enter/Exit vehicle key so it can auto-disable Anti-Eject until you enter a car again?

    30 maj 2015
  • 912e88 vilavek

    @kaido111 - Make sure you place the INI file in the same folder as the ScriptHookVDotNet.asi file (this should be the same folder as your GTA5.exe!) If the MOD cannot find the INI file, it assumes default controls (T and Y).

    @gatecrash360 - If you do not have a script folder go ahead and make one in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Make sure you follow the installation instructions and have Script Hook V .NET 0.9 installed as well.

    Anyone who wants to use custom key controls from the numeric pad for example, consult the link provided in the INI file and type them in as they appear on MSDN. (NumPad7 for example). Modifier keys such as Alt/Shift/Control are not yet supported.

    30 maj 2015