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    I love the model, and am really thrilled to have a play with one of my all time favourite cars, but I did have a couple of issues. Namely that the 'power bulge' and shaker type hood scoops... don't actually scoop anything, and look really unfinished, like they've just been chopped off at the back. It's super distracting in 1st person. The formula variant twin scoop does look genuinely great, though. I just wish the trans am variety would look as good. You've done the hard work, the skirting and front bumper are superb. My other nitpick is the sunstrip and back window just turning to black every time a window tint is applied, but that's pretty standard. Also, I had to edit the gamefiles for the addon vehicle to not appear as a 'dukes'. And put the liveries as separate to the paint menu.

    I noticed that you had paid mods, and I think if I'd paid $5 for this, I'd've been a bit disappointed. As a freebie, I still love it, but the lack of attention to some of the details makes me less confident about taking a punt on your monetised projects.

    20 januari 2019