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    Is this mod working on the latest version?
    In my game the script is not loading.
    The bus soon does not appear at the terminal.

    15 januari 2022
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    @kinksta100 Very good work!
    Can you help with Scripts?
    You say to use:

    This may need tweaking.
    FlatbedX = -0.00
    FlatbedY = -5.50
    FlatbedZ = 0.57

    Where do I put this? Arrest Manager.ini?
    Only appears the towtruck model, does not appear the Fletbed
    Look how mine is, did I do something wrong?

    //Here you can change how far away the transport vehicle spawns in metres.
    //Minimum is 50. Maximum is 250.
    //Recruitable officers (See above) are considered 'near' if they're within 70% of the below range.
    //Default: TransportSpawnDistance=85

    //Here you can change how far away the Scene Management services spawn in metres.
    //Minimum is 50. Maximum is 250
    //Default: SceneManagementSpawnDistance=75

    //Set a custom tow truck colour override here. Use valid names from this table:
    //Leave blank to randomise.

    //If true, nearby tow trucks that are free can be used to perform towing services.

    //Determines the vehicle model of the tow arm towtruck used. Make sure it is a tow truck model with a tow arm! This requires proper configuration by the vehicle author.

    //Determines the vehicle model of the flatbed tow truck - this should have sufficient space on the back, and not have a tow arm.

    //Positional modifiers for vehicles to be placed on the flatbed properly. This may need tweaking for custom models.

    //The flatbed is only used for destroyed four-wheel and all two-wheel vehicles by default, but you can set it to be used for all vehicles below (true/false).


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    17 juni 2018