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    The best map mod for V.

    2 juli 2016
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    Kommentaren har stiftas

    Hello guys, ProjectRELOAD v1.0 is waiting for admin's approval. It's based on ReShade 1.1.0 again and STABLE. No more crashes!

    6 juni 2016
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    @abdelmoez Looks like your ENB not working.

    @RavenTAT Because thats old ENB. Not has 275's features.

    @BBPHONIEX Thank you about mod but ReShade problems are not because of us. Also we'll return to old ReShade Framework

    @Claymmorez Hey mate, we're rebuilding our archive, that old version links will be available probably in 24 hours. :)

    @Audrion Can you send a picture from error?

    @chylde Thank you :)

    31 maj 2016
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    @XYZ Oops i totally forgot that :D You can do it until i'll release new updte.Open your /Reshade/presets/RELOAD/shaders by Ganossa
    Find Ambient Light
    #define AmbientLight_ToggleKey RESHADE_TOGGLE_KEY <- Change this parameter for assing hotkey :)

    @Sh3nZeR There are some problems with DOF in 1.1.0. I'll release 1.1.0 preset when i solve that. :)

    @abdelmoez Can u reinstall your enb & reshade

    @syxhmi_ Then open your /Reshade/presets/RELOAD/shaders by Jpulowsky
    Find Finesharp
    for changing strenght ->#define sstr 2.1 //[0.0:8.0]
    for changing hotkey -> #define FineSharp_ToggleKey VK_NUMPAD3

    @VeggoTheKing Copy all files of update.rpf/data's folder by folder and try again

    @Marko12716 Actually never heard that, better use OpenIV for install :) Thank you for rating :)

    @Claymmorez I'm using 275 too mate they are not working great together i don't know why but usually there is no problem. :) Use Num1 for DOF :)

    30 maj 2016
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    @Jaydon T Your DOF is not working well because of something i didnt know. Maybe because of the other mods u installed. Whatever use Num1 :)

    30 maj 2016
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    @epidemick92 it depends on your graphics settings and system of course i can't talk sharp but this version is Stable and there are 2 kind of DOF. If default DOF drops your FPS, you can disable it with 1 hotkey. Best answer is try and see i guess. :)

    29 maj 2016
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    @LanGonCer9807 Really. Game is the same game, of course lots of thing looks like close.

    29 maj 2016
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    @OG_Grinskin91 Okay then,
    Open ReShade->Presets->RELOAD->Shaders by MartyMcFly
    For Disabling: #define USE_DEPTHOFFIELD 1 <- Change that 1 to 0
    For Changing hotkey: VK_NUMPAD1 <-Change this

    29 maj 2016
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    @OG_Grinskin91 just use Num1 while you're playing. :)

    29 maj 2016
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    @LanGonCer9807 I know how my mod looks like. Also:
    "Come and join us in a whole new world of racing in our brand new games, Forza Theft Auto. Discover the fun of racing simulation while driving in a big open world while also ramming into people and kill them, by guns.

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    Hi guys! another new video from me. When I was youtubing motnhs ago ago, I was amazed by the Forza 6 Launch traile then I decided why not try to recreate one in GTA V? so I did, but it's not perfect because, to avoid copyright I had to shortened the video a bit, about 2 seconds shorter speciffically so that's why you feel the video is a bit fast (if you feel any) and pitched down the audio, and it worked!. So severals days back I began this project and now it's finished, it's not so hard but it could have done better actually, anyway just enjoy the video!

    Mods :

    Project RELOAD | GTA V Graphics enhancer

    Simple Trainer

    Cars mods are downloaded from

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    29 maj 2016