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    Really not a fan of paid mods at all. Especially when you both have to buy Mission Maker, and subscribe to be your patron to get all the content. So this is an automatic pass for me, I generally don't like to support the 'paid mods' ideology, you end up having to subscribe to numerous developers patreon to get the full experience which I wholeheartedly dislike.

    Not gonna lie, it really feels sour when you need to pay twice to get the full experience, like really not a good feeling at all.

    Wish you the best of luck, nothing against you personal it's just the practice I really dislike.

    31 mars 2022
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    I really want to play this mod, from the description it sounds like a true top tier must have mod.
    It's a shame the mod seemingly has some pretty huge issues which makes it (IMO unplayable). Hopefully the author (or someone else) will one day fix/develop this mod further as it has potential to be one of the best GTA V mods!

    31 mars 2022