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  • C56867 eazy e 1990 billboard 650 compressed

    Guys if your game crashed like mine after installing this mod and a few minutes of gaming this might work:
    1-I figured out by debugging that the scripts folder was the problem, the thing that worked for me was removing the "Mk2" cs file from the scripts folder (this will disable the afterburner on the mk2 batmobile but you still have loads of other cool batmobiles to choose from and you can still use it with the turrets etc so not that big of a deal)
    2-If you have LSPDFR installed or Pull me Over i recommend uninstalling it, it's a bit outdated now and in my case was buggy with cops not comming to get me, I would have to actually TRY if I wanted to be arrested and it caused compatibility issues so try uninstalling it to see if youre problems are solved unless you manage to find a workaround

    How to know if you have the same problem as me:
    1) Remove scripts folder from GTA V and store it somwhere else on your computer (DONT DELETE IT)
    2)Launch the game
    3)If it doesn't crash after about 30min+ of gaming than you may have the same problem as me (the problem is your scripts folder) so try the steps above
    4)If it still crashes try removing the mods (without deleting it) folder and see if the game launches without crashing, if it does then its probably a problem in your mods folder

    Hope I could help

    14 maj 2021